Tenant Check In Process November 2017

Colorado Mills Tenant Employees … Welcome Back!!
Please read all the information below on entry into your space. Your preparation and patience will help expedite the check-in process.

Check-In: Beginning Friday November 10th and through Monday November 20th, Colorado Mills tenant employees will be permitted to enter the center to work inside your spaces only.  Check-in will be held at entry #2 (north side of center near Target) daily from 6:00am-3:00pm.   For your safety, security personnel will be directing you to the authorized access pathway to your space based upon the work being done in the center each day.  Please stay inside your space while working at the center, you will not be permitted to wander thru the common areas of the mall.

  • You may stay working in your space after 3:00pm but no new employees will be checked in after that time. If you wish to stay working in your space past 7:00pm, please notify Security Dispatch at 303-384-3077.

For safety and security reasons, proof of employment, photo identification, and signed access waivers are required. Evidence of signed access waivers along with photo identification must be produced for every person, every day.  Your patience is appreciated during the early days of this process.

  • To expedite the check-in process you can bring a pre-signed waiver. We will also have forms available for signature at the entry point.
    On your first day to the property, bring a printed copy that is signed and filled out legibly to show on your first day of entry along with your proof of employment. (we must have a physical copy of the waiver on file from your first day.)
  • After your first day a photo on your phone of the signed form will suffice as long as it is legible. You will be required to have/show a signed waiver EVERY DAY you are at the center before entry will be granted.  You will also need to show your photo identification each day.
  • Proof of employment includes: paystub, company issued business card, letter from employer. Another proof of employment option is that your store manager may send our security team a pre-approved list of authorized employees. Send via email to Alvin.Brown@aus.com by 5:00pm the day prior to arrival.

Wristbands: During the check-in process you will be given a numbered wrist band. You will need to keep the wrist band on at all times while on property, and the wristband will be checked before you can re-enter the center if you leave during the day.  A new wrist band will be issued each day.

Personal Protective Gear:

  • All persons on site – PPE  is required on mall property until midnight on Wednesday November 15th. Every person on site must be at least eighteen [18] years of age & bring their own PPE – Available for purchase at
    HOME DEPOT AISLE 7. Requirements include:

    • hard hat
    • safety glasses
    • long sleeved shirt: NO TSHIRTS
    • long pants: NO SHORTS
    • closed hard soled shoes: NO TENNIS SHOES / SANDALS / LOAFERS

Please see attachment for directions on deliveries:
CO Mills-Bulletin DELIVERY LOGISTICS 171109